"This was not my first time with SexyHunnyPot. We met about 2 weeks ago and I decided to take her to Vegas with me on a trip I had already planned. I asked if she would like to go and she said yes. We quickly worked out the financials and the next day I purchased air tickets for her on the same plan I had scheduled and within 10 days we were on our way to Vegas for 5 days. I'm telling you guys, if you want to take a trip where you are for sure going to be with a true firecracker who loves her job this is the gal for you. Give her a call and see if you can arrange a trip with her.

There is a lot more to this story but this is enough to show you that I had a fantastic time with this fine, beautiful gal and I hope to take her on another trip soon.

I strongly suggest you look into taking SexyHunnyPot on a trip of your own. Well worth the time, effort and any costs. You will be very happy with the results."



"I Found Isis on Backpage she really stands out seeing as her pictures are professional and she presents herself that way. I called her and got the references thing out of the way. and when we were all good we set-up a meeting for later that day. I opened my door and She was in a hot little summer dress with some killer heels MAN did her Legs look great! I let her inside and asked her if she'd like a drink we talked for awhile she has a wonderful laugh and a great sense of humor after we were comfortable things heated up.

Will definantly visit again!"



"Set up a time for the next evening standard 2 call system. She gave me general directions then i called back and got the actual location a nice hotel in a safe area clean. She greeted me at the door with a hug. Watched her walk from the hotel door and I thought wow this is going to be fun. Isis is a very beautiful and attentive provider. Very intelligent and holds her end of a conversation. I made appointment with her earlier in the week and was told to call back a day before scheduled meeting to confirm. Summer is outstanding!!! I have never had anyone better. The very beautiful lady I have had the pleasure to add to my little hobby. She is a real GEM and sweet from top to bottom. Guys treat her well she deserves it as they all do!"


Mr. Iowa

"Spending time with Isis will leave you wanting to see her again and again. On her last visit she showed up in a very class and sexy dress with high heels. We started with some casual conversation while getting to know each other better. It then progressed to some gentle caressing, kissing, and teasing. With the passion building we turned to some mutually gratifying activities that left us both ready to explode, easing her tiny body with tiny kisses had her squirming all over the couch! She then climbed on top of me and started an amazing ride that I can only describe as amazing. Her small, beautiful body allows for some for some creative and flexible maneuvering - standing, sitting, against the wall, folded in half, etc. Isis really enjoys what she does and it shows in every way. Isis has a small spinner body with a beautiful chest and an incredible ass, she also has a beautiful smile and eyes that melt you. Don't waste your time with 'normal' providers. Once you've had the Isis experience, you will never want anyone else."


Isis Reign Luxury Escort Companion