All sessions exceeding 3 hours will require lunch or dinner.

All overnight appointments exceeding 12 hours require six hours of sleep

Keep in mind that I will not discuss financial arrangements by phone, email or in person, so please familiarize yourself with the options below. Secure Booking Form


Clients I've met previous to January 1st 2016 and have seen me at least once a year since, are Grandfathered in at my previous donations

Sensual Girlfriend Experience Incall Outcall
1 Hour Invitation $450 $400
1.5 Hour Brief Tryst $650 $600
2 Hour Sensual Tryst $850 $800
3 Hour Dinner + Dessert $950 $900
4 Hour Rendezvous $1250 $1200
Overnight Affair ( 8 Hours) $1950 $1900
Overnight Affair +Dinner / Breakfast (12 hours) $2450 $2400



PSE Full Menu Experience Incall Outcall
1 Hour Assignation $550 $500
2 Hour Assignation $1050 $1000
3 Hour  $1450 $1400
4 hour $1750 $1700
The Kings Overnight ( 8 Hours) $2650 $2600




Donation Etiquette:
I ask you leave the donation in a plain white UNSEALED envelope in plain sight next to my purse or on the bathroom counter at the beginning of our appointment.


I understand that things come up and at times cancellations need to be made, however, like any business, I do enforce a cancellation policy. Cancellations made without at least 48 hours notice will be charged 25% of the scheduled time, if less than 24 hours notice  50% of the fee for the scheduled time will be charged, if notice is less than 6 hours, 100% of the fee for the scheduled time will be charged.
(payable by credit card) - This fee will need to be paid before the client may book again. If not paid within 30 days blacklisting will be necessary. 

Touring - all visits require a 50% non-refundable deposit and outcalls are a two hour minimum.

Should I need to cancel our date, your deposit is fully refundable, or held for use within 1 year, at your discretion.


No Call No Show Policy:

I understand that life gets busy and things come up and you may have forgot our arrangement. However, if a client cannot call to cancel and misses his appointment, he will be required to pay the booking in full. (Payable by credit card or A . refill card. contact me for type and instructions) - This fee will need to be paid before the client can book again. ( If not paid within 30 days blacklisting will be Necessary.)


Extended Arrangements

The following encounters are designed for gentlemen who wish to establish a more personal, continuous relationship as opposed to only meeting occasionally. This is ideal for those who wish to connect on a deeper level, but without the complications of a traditional, long term relationship. These encounters are 'off-the-clock' (within reason) and receive a higher priority in my schedule than normal bookings.


An Afternoon Affair .................................... $2700
For those who prefer a day time escape, we can meet up to four times a month at a public venue of your choice with plenty of time left over to relax and connect privately.

An Evening Delight ......................................... $3200
An evening on the town, an intimate dinner for two....the possiblities are endless. This option is for gentlemen who prefer an evening arrangement. Your choice between two longer evenings together OR four, shorter dinner dates per month.


An Evening or Afternoon Escape.......................$5500
If your schedule is varied and you'd prefer the option of both day or night encounters, this package is perfect for you.  Includes up to two overnight encounters or 4 dinner dates/2 lunch dates.



Due to the personal nature of extended arrangments, availability is limited to those I have met previously and estabslished a connection with.  I am available for extended engagements anywhere in the Midwest, though travel expenses are not included. A custom package can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact me for details.


Fly me to you!

You would like to meet me, but I'm not visiting your city anytime soon? No probem, :)  I will gladly fly to you for a dinner date or any longer encounters! To secure booking for all fly-to-you arrangements, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of my fee is required plus travel costs that will be calculated on an individual basis. I will take care of flight booking in accordance with our agreed opon requirements. Once you agree on schedule and fare, you authorize the funding by credit card payment which is the smoothest solution for both of us, but note that other payment methods are available. The balance will have to be settle in cash or credit, in person.

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