• I appreciate those who respect my time, I will do the same. If you are a busy professional and cannot stay the full time we have booked, I will not be offended if you must leave early but the rate remains the same.
  • Please do not overstay your time. Be a gentleman and don't wait for me to tell you your time is up. If you would like to stay longer than the time we set aside, please ask me if I have additional time available.
  • Please do Not call and ask for specific services I will not discuss services or what’s “on the menu” over the phone. Please be respectful pay for a membership to TER and read My Reviews.
  • Sorry, but I am not available for spending time with you outside the Hobby world. All of the time we spend together must be part of our professional relationship. Please do not overstep the boundaries of our arrangement.
  • Personal hygiene is very important to me and I take pride in mine being what the most sagacious gentleman would expect. Please do the same for me by being freshly clean and dressed for our time together. A shower is provided if needed.
  • If you do Not come prepared for our meeting (IE: you haven’t showered) your time still begins when you arrive.


Isis Reign Luxury Escort Companion